PLAYER PROFILES 2010: MICHELLE KERR     (Left Club 02 August 2010)                          

Name: Michelle Kerr
Squad No: 5
Position: Defender
Nationality: Scottish
Signed for Spartans: 22 July 2008
Occupation: Technical and Development Programme Manager for Girls/Women’s Football

Gold Sponsor:
Previous Senior Clubs:
Hibs, Doncaster Rovers Belles, FC Kilmarnock, Guiliano’s
International Honours:
59 Caps
Best Player played with:
Fiona Winchester, Linda Brown
Best Player played against:
Mia Hamm, Birgit Prinz
Best Moment in Football:
Play off against Russia away
Worst Moment in Football:
Play off against Russia away
Best ground played at:
Bronby, Denmark
Worst ground played at:
Motherwell 1985 Red Blaze
Coloured Boots or Black Boots:
Back/White of course
First team you ever played for:
Edinburgh Dynamo LFC
Favourite Band:
Very varied, but at the moment enjoying Angie Stone and Jocelyn Brown
Hobbies away from football: Going to the gym, cooking and shopping
Who or what makes you laugh: 
My Dad (funniest guy ever), Pauline Hamill and Stacey Cook

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